Puppet Show

It is spring and the trees and animals (birds, butterflies…) of the [*insert a local forest name] forest are beginning to wake up. But it is also a special day: it is the 1000th birthday of the Oak tree and the other trees of the forest are gathering around to celebrate. As summer approaches (deer, hare, storm, shepherdess, sheep…) the trees begin to argue and complain: it is too hot, too dry… Autumn sees the hunting season commence and then winter returns, snow falls and all sink into sleep. The following year the argument of the trees kicks off again: I am prettier than you, I am stronger than you. The quarrel descends into a bitter stalemate, resulting in each species of tree deciding to go it alone, refusing to co-operate or speak to each other. Bad idea! A tempest is brewing: winds, hailstones and lightning begin to batter the separate woodland plantations. Lacking the support and protection of each other, devastation and desolation ensues. A few years pass and a new forest begins to spring up with an oak sprouting next to a birch, next to a pine and so on. Gradually order is restored once more (crocuses, bees, butterflies…) to a reprise of the opening movement of Vivaldi’s Spring.


  • Figurentheater Favoletta (DE): Michael Schneider, Andrey Schneider, Edeltraud Schneider, Peter Schneider, Bilal Alhaddad
  • EUBO: Bojan Čičić (HR), solo violin | Charlotte Mercier (FR), Aliza Vicente Aranda (ES), Claudio Rado (IT), Coline Ormond (FR), violins | Mara Tieles Cutié (ES), viola |Alex Jellici (IT), cello | Juan Diaz Fernandez (ES), double bass | Julio Caballero Perez (ES), harpsichord