GOfBaroque focuses on baroque music, but more particularly on the historical informed performance (HIP) of baroque music. It encourages a performance which takes into account the context in which the original composition and performance were created. More specifically, this means the use of appropriate instruments, vocabulary, stylistic understanding and techniques.

Target Groups

The partnership has identified target groups as


  • tertiary level music students anticipating a professional musical career;
  • teenage music students whose interest in historically informed performance (HIP) can be developed;
  • younger audiences for whom the concept of old music is not stuffy;
  • audiences for whom HIP is a new musical experience, and expert listeners for whom HIP is the norm;
  • creative producers (of concerts, festivals, broadcasts).

With a focus on working with young musicians from all over Europe, and in the context of the stated aims of GofBaroque, the project has been designed to:


  • give pre-professional training and performance experience to young musicians for whom such skilling and experience is unavailable elsewhere but who need such experience to get a job
  • work with teenage musicians at a time in their life when baroque music needs to be ‘cool’ to keep them interested and involved
  • present to young audiences both in semi-formal concert hall settings and in familiar school environments interactive workshops to demonstrate the vitality and relevance of baroque music
  • grow audiences for this shared European musical heritage
  • ensure that other creative producers Europe-wide have relevant and high quality content for their actions.


An important goal of GOfBaroque is to facilitate the transition to being a professional musician for the next generation of baroque musicians. For this purpose we called upon a team of internationally renowned baroque musicians who have as much experience being on stage as guiding students in the rehearsal room. From 10 until 14 August, they will share their knowhow with young musicians from all over Europe who were selected to participate in the GOfBaroque Summer Academy through individual lessons, workshops, orchestra rehearsals and more. After the Summer Academy, this group of experienced teachers will select the students who will participate in the EUBO concert tours from September until December 2018.

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