Opening Concert

GOfBaroque enjoyed complementarity with the cross-artform festival Antwerp Baroque 2018. Rubens inspires. GOfBaroque ’s lead partner AMUZ was a major player in this 7-month festival, during which the city of Antwerp emphasized its baroque heritage. AMUZ, with its focus on Historically Informed Performance and with its home base in the baroque St Augustine’s Church, gave shape to the city festival’s musical programme by presenting an era of ancient music under the banner 1618 | BEFORE & BEYOND.

During Antwerp Baroque 2018 the city pulled out all the stops with a daring and lavish programme in which old Baroque rubs shoulders with new Baroque. At the invitation of the city of Antwerp EUBO performed at the opening concert of this prestigious festival on May 31 in the Queen Elizabeth Hall. This was not only the opening gala concert of the Festival, but also signal of the start of a new relationship between AMUZ and EUBO.

Corelli: Concerto Grosso op 6 no 4 in D | Händel: Concerto Grosso op 6 no 4 in a minor | Muffat: Sonata No 5 from Armonico Tributo


Lars Ulrik Mortensen (DK)

Concertino Violin 1
Margaret Faultless (UK)

Concertino Violin 2
Lidewij van der Voort (NL)

Concertino Cello
Alex Jellici (IT)

Matthea de Muynck (NL)
Alice Earll (UK)
Alba Encinas Gonzalez (ES)
Kasia Kmieciak (PL)
Ida Meidell Blylod (SE)
Charlotte Mercier (FR)
Kasia Olszewska (PL)
Coline Ormond (FR)
Corinne Raymond-Jarczyk (PL)
Claudio Rado (IT)
Justyna Skatulnik (PL)
Katarzyna Szewczyk (PL)
Aliza Vicente Aranda (ES)
Maria Ines Zanovello (IT)

Isabel Franenberg (NL)
Sara Gomez Yunta (ES)
Isabel Juarrez Juaranz (ES)
Priscila Rodriguez Cabaleiro (ES)

Ester Domingo Sancho (ES)
Candela Gomez Bonet (ES)
Anna Reisener (DE)
Choi Gulrim (FR)

Double Basses
Elise Christiaens (BE)
Lisa De Boos (BE)
Margaret Urquhart (UK/NL)

Ana Ines Feola (AT)
Miriam Jorde Hompanera (ES)
Neven Lesage (FR)
Tatjana Zimre (DE)

Marit Darlang (NL)
Dora Kiraly (HU)
Alessandro Nasello (IT)

Andreas Westermann (DE)

Sara Johnson Huidobro (ES)

EUBO at the opening concert of Antwerp Baroque 2018 © Victoriano Moreno