EUBO training & concert tours

An important part of GOfBaroque is the educational initiative. Central to the GOfBaroque project was the formation of a baroque orchestra [EUBO] comprised of highly talented young instrumentalists from all over the EU. EUBO nurtures and supports young musicians through the challenging transition between conservatoire study and the music profession. It provides young talented musicians from all EU member states with the opportunity to become part of the orchestra for a season and thus gain the necessary stage and performing experience, as well as coaching and mentoring by top specialists in the early music field.

Two experienced baroque musicians with international allure will directed the EUBO-orchestra with two different programs. Led by Amandine Beyer, EUBO presented ‘Dans le goût français’, a concert in the French style, in different concert halls across Europe. Harpsichord virtuoso Lars Ulrik Mortensen, who has been directing EUBO since 2004, took  charge of the ‘Constellatio Felix’ concert series with an astronomical themed program. A full list of the EUBO concerts can be found here.

Photos: Led by Amandine Beyer, EUBO presented ‘Dans le goût français’, 2018 (c) Johan Beckers